Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vitamin Boost for Meetings

I have a slew of meetings scheduled for today. I also have a hangover. Thankfully, I picked up a chunk of watermelon from the Turkish supermarket on the way home last night (perhaps my hangover was premeditated). The plan was to have watermelon juice.

The first time I had watermelon juice, I stole it from a friend in Kuala Lumpur. This friend had been living for a while in Kuala Lumpur and knew what to look for in watermelon juice. Apparently, you do not want them to add sugar syrup. He even makes it at home himself when he can, and gave me detailed instructions on the telephone how he does it; he uses a blender. That's it. Frankly, I've never been a watermelon person (bad memories of bubble gum) but I thought that the watermelon juice was pretty good. Watermelon is supposed to be full of antioxidants, vitamins & it's full of water. In short: it's made for a Tuesday morning hangover.

Watermelon Juice
Place cut chunks of watermelon in blender, discarding rind (I used about 1 Kilo, including rind). Blend. Add lime juice.

It's kind of frothy, most likely better for me than a cappucinno. My hangover was better within minutes and I think the meetings would have been less torerable had I not had the juice.


Cathy said...

I'm not much of a watermelon (or any melon) fan either. Although, I'm slowly starting to enjoy it in my sangria so maybe I should try the juice the next time I indulge a little too much :)

Jessica604 said...

Hangover cure?! Where was this post this weekend?! ....nm that there is not a watermelon in sight in the condo. I think I need to stock up on fresh watermelon to try this one out. (If not for the hangover cure, just for a refreshing summer drink!)

taste traveller said...

Cathy: I'm wasn't a big fan of watermelon either until I tried the juice. Remember Watermelon flavoured Hubba Bubba? I have bad memories... Try melon wrapped in Italian ham. Or just stick with the sangrias! :-)

Jessica: Sorry! If I have a weekend hangover, I just sleep! And you're right, this is just a nice drink.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

We've been indulging in something similar to this. We put watermelon, ice, Mosto or pineapple juice into the blender until we have a smooth icy drink. Then we spike our drinks with a dash of vodka. ;)

taste traveller said...

Sounds like a good cocktail. To be honest, my boyfriend was spiking his watermelon juice with vodka the first few times we did this. Tasty, but not quite as healthy as I was trying to be! ;-)

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