Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deconstructed Chicken - Thighs

The last time I wrote about chicken, I'd bought some to cure my hypochondria and there were leftovers. I'm glad to report that, through the wonders on medical science (read: a good nap), I now feel fine. There was still chicken leftover in the freezer last night and I thought I'd try to get rid of some. I've been buying a lot of food recently, without any sort of plan. It's time to clear out the stuff I can still use. Those cucumbers, on the other hand - time to send them to cucumber heaven.

My plan was simple: throw frozen thighs in oven, turn oven on, walk away. I think this kind of thing works better with a Crock-Pot. Well, 2 hours later, it still seemed OK. There was a little bit of liquid I needed to reduce, so I am skeptical about any sort of time-saving my plan provided but, at least I was able to do other stuff in the meantime. I could have just as easily done that other stuff while I was defrosting things, but this is something we don't like to speak about.

Miso Frozen Chicken
2 Chicken Thighs, straight from the freezer
2 Tbsp red miso
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
1 c water

Mix miso paste with garlic & ginger.
Place chicken thighs in a 180° oven, add water. After ca. 1 hour, add miso mix. After a further hour, take chicken out of oven. Reduce sauce on stove. Serve with sauce.

I served everything with some steamed asparagus with soy sauce, and some mashed sweet potatoes, flavoured with sesame oil & scallions. I think that was one of the last "oven dishes" for a while. I'm going to start 1) defrosting things in a timely manner & 2) start using the grill now that the weather is better.


Cathy said...

My biggest problem is I don't defrost in time to cook the food. And I cannot stand the taste of meat defrosted in the freezer. This looks interesting - I'll have to give it a try in the fall...or maybe next week..since they are calling for snow AGAIN.

taste traveller said...

I'm not winning any prizes with this, I know that much, but I thought it was just an interesting way to defrost dinner without thinking too much. The other way was with the rice cooker .

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