Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out Before I'm Even In

After having only recently joined The Daring Kitchen, I think it's time for me to quit. The rules are simple: you make a prescribed dish once a month, following the recipe given. This should have been my indicator that this club is not for me. Instead, I was intrigued by the idea of belonging to a group of cooks around the world, united by one taste for one month.

I couldn't participate in August due to my vacation plans and furthermore, I didn't find the recipe all that alluring - even if it's from the chef of El Bulli. The month before that, I refused to participate because the key ingredient was skate. After having seen rays on a dive, I refuse to promote the fishing of these beautiful creatures. I'm also opposed to cod, the suggested substitute. So here I am, in September, preparing for the challenge.

Dosas. In theory, fantastic. I consulted with my Indian Friend J (IFJ), and he gave me some ideas. Then I read the recipe. The recipe that I have to follow. It calls for spelt. This is where I bow out & say "No, thank you". I was fine with the vegan meal. I was fine with preparing the 3 components of dosa, filling, & sauce. But somehow, following a recipe for Indian food taken from a trendy restaurant in Toronto seemed wrong. Don't get me wrong - Fresh has good food and some amazing lemonade. Although I think their noodle bowls are great, I just don't know how inspired I am to make them at home.

IFJ says that there's a place down the street that has super-crispy dosas on Saturdays. In the meantime, I made my own. The dosas are out of chickpea flour, the filling is a potato marsala (I cheated & used my Grandmother's favourite curry mix), and the chutney, again, I cheated & used grated coconut. The result: interesting, and certainly a healthy basis for the steaks I had later that night. I won't be repeating the recipe but I certainly have been inspired by it. I will be going to the Indian place down the street tomorrow for good dosas.


Jhonny walker said...

Hi...your Dosas's look absolutely crisp. And loved your post. Thanks for the red flag on 'joining cookclubs'--I was contemplating barefoot. But I was afraid of what you made absolutely clear in this post-- that it is not for me :)

taste traveller said...

I'm happy i joined. Now i can quit! ;) i'll let you know how the 'real' dosas are.

Jhonny walker said...

Okay!!! and the recipes too!

{kiss my spatula} said...

wow - gorgeous looking dosas!!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Cooking clubs can be nice - but I just can't make the commitment to make something fixed every month...especially in view of the difficulties I'd have getting basic ingredients. I do enjoy watching other people do it though. :)

taste traveller said...

Jhonny - this lady from Bengalore is notorious for not sharing any of her secrets.

KMS: Thanks.

Murasaki: I'm with you on this. I've seen your contributions to The Paper Chef & I think that a local cooking club would be easier (we'd all have access to the same stuff) but it'd lose the cool global aspect. But the pictures in these clubs are pretty! ;-)

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