Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Dosas

I went to the Indian place around the corner this weekend for the masala dosa. Every Saturday, they have dosas, ildy, vada, and sambar. In short, they have a South Indian breakfast.

Dosas are like large crisp crepes, made out of lentils. This one was filled with spicy potatoes & had chopped red chili rubbed on the inside. A vada is a fried lentil mixture. Normally, I like the ones shaped like donuts but these were masal vada. They looked like falafels. Not what I was looking for but they made my brunch buddy happy. Ildy are steamed cakes of rice and lentils, served with a sambar, a lentil like soup/sauce. Both dishes came with coconut chutney.

You might be noticing a large amount of lentils in this meal. I'm still not sure if this vegan thing is working well for me. I see a large piece of beef in my near future.


Michelle said...

It does look tasty though!

taste traveller said...

So does the Angus beef! ;-)

Tangled Noodle said...

I would love to try this breakfast! I've had dosas before, but have never tried vada or ildy. I'm not vegetarian by any means but lentils are a favorite and a meatless breakfast this savory and delicious-looking is alright with me!

Erica said...

Looks great!Coconut chutney :)sounds fantastic1

Oc said...

woww...I was wondering where in germany you are ? I am from frankfurt ..
The food shown in pic is what we used to have daily back at home.
but its not so easy making ...grinding rice & lentils n so n so

I got an award ( something we used to pass each other for encouraging the good work in blog).
I would like to pass it on to u :)
please accept

have fun !!

taste traveller said...

Tangled Noodle: I'm a bigger fan of the Medhu Vada - they're more like a donut. Who doesn't love donuts for breakfast?

Erica: It's not bad - I'll see if I can post it sometime

Oc: I have this funny feeling that you're more the expert here - If you ever make dosas or vadas for breakfast, I hope you post about it. And thank you so much for the award! :-)

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