Friday, June 5, 2009

Dining In/Out - Horn of Africa Take Out

I have a project deadline coming up, normally it shouldn't be anything major, normally it should be routine. What makes every project individual is the unanticipated problems. This time, the unanticipated problems are killing me. Oh well, it's a job, it pays the bills & it enables me to eat good food.

I wasn't able to cook good food because I knew that I would have to work, so I paid someone to cook for me. I went to the only African restaurant in the area, which happens to be just by my house. I really like it there - they are really friendly, the food is good & I strongly believe in supporting your neighbours. Unless they are driving down the property value... that isn't the case with these people, in fact, I feel they enrich the area.

In an effort to maximize time, I scanned the menu from The Horn of Africa online, & selected the Tibs.They're strips of beef, sauteed with onions & served in a sauce & my choice of sides. I chose the West African Maffee (peanut) sauce, and Mataha (mashed potatoes with corn & peas).

My fellow work-aholic went for one of the daily specials. They had whole grilled seabream, ostrich steaks & Argentinian beef. He opted for the 250g of Argentinian beef with coconut sauce on the side and fries. I love the fact that they know us & they know that I need extra hot sauce (beware, it is actually hot).

We sat at the bar, talked about how to make things better & drank a glass of wine while we waited. We got our food, I stole fries & then we got back to work. I don't remember actually working, but when I checked my mails the next morning, it became apparent that I actually got the stuff done that I planned on doing. A relatively painless night, all things considered. Maybe it was the Tibs.


Cathy said...

I love African food - this looks delicious! Glad to hear you got through your work...I'm prepping for a looooooooooong weekend of cramming now.

taste traveller said...

Hope the cramming is going well - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

I feel kinda bad about taking photos of take-out of food from the African place - if I had had more time, I would have taken the opportunity to enjoy everything there, where it all looks so much better! :-)

Amanda said...

I'm not fortunate enough to live anywhere near an African restaurant; I've never even tried African food before. The dishes you show here look and sound delicious! I'm envious.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

That's a handy takeout place to have near your place. I wish there was one here too!

taste traveller said...

It's a really nice place to stop in when we don't have much time for dinner, or, sometimes when the stock market falls further & we just don't want to drop more than 40€ on dinner for 2.

I feel really bad about posting poor pics - next time I'll either take the good camera or, better yet, try to make some African food at home. I have a jar of peanut butter - this should be a start! ;-)

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