Friday, March 27, 2009

Japanese in Germany

Like many people these days, I am not pleased with the current status quo. The current financial situation seems to distress a lot of people, and while I am certainly not immune, I am aware of my abilities to influence economic stimulus packages. I am more interested in the things I can do to improve myself. Taking the time to read a book, finish a painting, listen to a CD on the balcony while enjoying the view - all the things I can do to make this insecure time a little more bearable.

My newest idea is to get into shape. A better shape. A not so round shape. My plan involved a Nintendo Wii Fit. I'm still a little skeptical about dropping a huge amount of money on a video console, especially because my game skills are severely limited. But the thought sent a shot of hope into the otherwise triste day-to-day adventure of watching new financial valleys being discovered on Bloomberg. There is one Japanese company out there that is hugely innovative and severly successful. This is a ray of hope in the German economy where there government could be happy to have a rate of unemployment as "low" as the United States right now.

In celebration of Nintendo, and in an effort to gain back my Game-Boyish figure, I made the following:

Grilled Tuna with a Miso-Sesame Crust
Steamed Spinach and Wakame
Mashed Sweetpotatoes with Scallions

No pics but sufficient instructions for an impromptu meal.

  • Mix ca. 2 Tbsp red Miso with 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 tsp sesame seeds & smear over tuna steaks. Grill.

  • Sautee 2 cloves garlic in oil. Add 2 cups washed and cleaned spinach. Add 1/3 c wakame (seaweed used in salads).

  • Cut 2 large sweet potatoes into 2" cubes & steam until tender. Mash. Add sliced scallions, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar.

Serve with a dry riesling.

It's not really Japanese but it's not the gastronomic equivalent of a Zombie Company either. And it keeps me off of the Wii.


Cathy said...

Must be in the air - I'm trying to have a less round shape too. Actually, I kinda look like an olive with tootpicks sticking out of it!! Hope you like the Wii Fit - I keep contemplating buying one (already have the Wii)

tastetraveller said...

I'm still toying with the idea & haven't bought it yet. Although the temptation is getting ridiculously huge as I just got my bonus today...

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